We Have Successfully Decommissioned Data Centers For Some Of The World's Leading Global Corporations

Whenever it’s time to leave your colocation or data center space, most leases and rental agreements require that the tenant restores the space back to its original condition. This requires that all the cabinets, ladder racks, electrical equipment, raised floors, and any other data center infrastructure be removed and be reused or disposed of safely. This process requires the same intricate steps to remove the equipment as was required to install the infrastructure. A professional data center decommissioning service can ease the burden of additional work in the old space after an migration and will ensure that the rental agreements and contracts are met after leaving the space

A Data Center Decommissioning Project Includes:

  • Establishing a Comprehensive Strategy: All equipment to be decommissioned is documented with a plan and a decommissioning timeline that considers network and application dependencies, phasing, costs, project management, disposal time and environmental impact.
  • Decommissioning Equipment: All power and IT equipment are decommissioned and disassembled.
  • Inventory Assets: All power and IT equipment that can be repurposed is inventoried. Plans are made to either reuse inventory assets or to resell assets.
  • Recycling of Old Materials: Any materials that cannot be repurposed are recycled if possible including copper from cabling and any metals from racks and conveyance. Removal of old cabling, A/C, UPS, raised floors, cabling, overhead racks, diesel generators, etc.
  • Final Site Restoration: All specifications made in rental contracts and agreements are followed through for the final site restoration.

Reasons to decommission a data center or colocation space:

  • IT equipment has run its lifecycle and needs to be replaced within the same space
  • Doing a tech refresh and modernizing infrastructure to improve efficiency
  • Migrating to a new data center or colocation space
  • Consolidating data center spaces

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