Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is the discipline of managing the physical infrastructure of a data center and optimizing its ongoing operation. As a software suite that bridges the traditional gap between IT and the facilities groups and coordinates between the two, DCIM reduces computing costs while making it easier to quickly support new applications and other business requirements.

BSC’s trained specialists will help your data center become more efficient. With an emphasis on partnerships, BSC will provide the support you need, selecting the right solution for you.

DCIM enables the data center to make the best use of the physical resources available, as well as enabling the seamless integration of the data center into the enterprises’ other business management solutions for asset management, process management, data management, capacity planning, budgetary planning and other important systems.

dcim process

DCIM Consultation

BSC offers a number of premium data center services from our industry-leading integrations specialists. We provide a comprehensive process for your Environment systems. From specifying a system for ordering equipment to install.

BSC offers a one-stop shop for all your management needs.

We’ll do the migration so you can focus on your business

Do you need help establishing an initial baseline of your existing data center assets, floor layout, rack elevations and power utilization? BSC provides on-site data center audit services wherever your data center is located.

Our expert engineers will perform a detailed inventory of your data center infrastructure and populate the collected data into our on-line data center management tool which will provide your IT and Facilities teams with access to key operational and capacity planning information:

  • Accurate data center floor layouts
  • Detailed rack elevations
  • Cabinet space capacity and utilization
  • Cabinet level power allocation and utilization
  • Device power supply to PDU connection data
  • Asset inventory

Interested in more information on our DCIM services, and learning how DCIM can increase the efficiency at your facility? Contact us today for a free assessment!

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