Time Off Request

Basic Solutions observes the following holidays, at which time all facilities are closed. The specific days each year that we are closed is published prior to the applicable holiday. Only regular full time employees who work the day before and the day following the holiday are eligible for holiday pay unless the employee’s absence is due to authorized absence.

New Year’s Day Independence Day Day after Thanksgiving
Martin Luther King Day Labor Day Christmas Day
Memorial Day Thanksgiving Day *Floating Holiday

*In addition, one floating holiday is authorized for all eligible full time employees who have reached at least one full year of service. The floating holiday time off must be authorized in advance by the employee’s manager. The floating holiday cannot be carried over to the following year. Other religious holidays may be requested as time off and may be granted, but without pay, or maybe taken as paid PTO days.

Basic Solutions combines vacation, sick leave and personal days into one benefit called Paid Time Off (PTO) for eligible employees. PTO is provided to allow for rest and relaxation for employees who are regularly scheduled to work at least 30 hours a week. Employees earn PTO pay from their first day of work and may take PTO as it is accrued.

PTO is earned at the rate of 3.08 hours per pay period after an employee’s first day of service. You will have fully accrued and are eligible to take two weeks (80 hours or 10 days) of PTO if you haven’t taken any PTO time prior.

Employees are encouraged to use all earned PTO pay each year. If an employee’s earned but unused PTO pay reaches the maximum 120 hours, the employee will not accrue any additional benefits. If the employee later uses enough PTO pay to fall below the maximum, the employee will resume earning PTO pay from that date forward.

PTO may be taken at any time after PTO pay is earned, subject to management approval, with the exception of being sick. In order to allow a well-coordinated schedule, employees are requested to submit their proposed PTO plans to their immediate manager at least two weeks before they would like to take their PTO.

PTO pay for full time employees shall consist of the employees’ regular rate of pay at the time the PTO is taken.

Employees who wish to receive PTO pay on the scheduled payday immediately before their PTO need to submit PTO request forms to Human Resources a minimum of three weeks prior to their departure.

If a paid holiday falls within an employee’s PTO period, an additional day of PTO will be granted. This additional day may be taken at the beginning or end of the employee’s PTO period, or at another time during the PTO year with the approval of the employee’s manager.

On separation from employment with Basic Solutions, an employee shall receive PTO pay for any accrued and unused PTO at the time termination occurs.

Part-time and Flex Force employees who work in California for 30 or more days within a year from the commencement of employment is entitled to 24 hours or three paid sick days per year after July 1, 2015, for prescribed purposes as required of AB 1522 (Gonzalez, Chapter 317, Statutes of 2014). Sick time may be taken at any time after sick hours are earned or can be used at the beginning of each year of employment or calendar year, whichever comes first.

26 Sick pay for employees will be paid out at the employee’s hourly wage. Unlike PTO paydays, sick leave does not accrue or vest. Therefore, any unused sick leave may be forfeited at the end of a designated period of time, and sick leave does not need to be paid out upon termination of the employment relationship. However, if an employee separates from an employer and is rehired within one year, previously unused paid sick days will be reinstated.

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