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Why You Should Consider Colocating In Your Next Data Center

7 factors to consider for your new data center banner

7 Factors to Consider for Your New Data Center

The decision to either build a data center or buy colocation can affect the very foundation of your company.

Without proper planning, a data center outage can cause lost productivity, revenues and even threaten a business.

In order to grow, businesses need a reliable and scalable data center space. This resource will provide a comprehensive analysis of the space, power, cooling, monitoring, security, and network factors that need to be considered when making the decision to build or use colocation when it’s time to expand your data center.

Whether you go with building your own data center or selecting a colocation facility, here are 7 factors you need to consider:

  • Space
  • Power
  • Cooling
  • Monitoring
  • Network
  • Ancillary Space
  • Additional Equipment

When it comes to the best way to manage your ever-growing amount of data for your business, colocation has become a viable solution. It is now an integral part of business continuity, allowing companies to focus on growing their business instead of the financial drain of building a new data center.

With colocation, instead of worrying about purchasing land, finding a good contractor, building, power, cooling, security, and more, you can just focus on your business.