Data Center Migration Made Easy

There is a practical solution to data migration. Our team has the skill and experience to help you get it down on time.

The Easy Solution to Data Center Migration Lies with BSC.

Change a daunting task into an effortless process by letting us help you move your data center.

Are you up to date with all it requires to do a complete and successful data center migration? Don’t think you’ll never need it because an upgrade, software changes, a business tactic or an office move may require one.

Doing such a migration on your own is wrought with risk and challenges that don’t bode well for businesses:

  • There’s a risk of losing data
  • Downtime which will affect all your processes
  • The old and new software may not be compatible
  • Data may become corrupted

A data center contains so many components you have to manage simultaneously that it’s easy for something to go wrong. The effects of these problems are formidable for any business. Can you take that risk?

That’s where BSC can help. Our team is experienced in data center migration and can help you get it right from the start. You want to minimize downtime and system problems & of course, you want it to work once it’s up. The professionals at BSC are experts at getting this right time and again.

Part of what makes a data center migration successful is the plan or process you follow. This limits mistakes.

Benefits of Basic Solutions Migration Services:

In BSC’s experience you need the following:

Inventory: List all IT and data center assets. BSC engineers do this in collaboration with your team to ensure accuracy. It includes:

  • Applications
  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Network
  • Any and all hardware

Dependencies: It’s vital to understand the dependencies between assets. The BSC team will draw up a dependency map as the foundation for the rest of the plan.

Run books: BSC automatically generates run books. They’re used to orchestrate the events in the migration process.

Tracking: It’s vital to maintain control throughout the process. BSC logs each event as it happens. This real-time presentation helps everyone involved to know exactly where the project is at a given moment.

Testing: No migration is complete without a thorough system test so you’re guaranteed your new data center will work.

You’ll be better off with including BSC in this process because you draw the following benefits:

  • End to end management
  • The analysis includes application dependency mapping
  • The accelerated process ensures minimal downtime and quick implementation of new data center
  • Low-risk process
  • Affordable option when compared to in-house alternatives
  • Be part of the process at all times

Yes, near-zero downtime is a possibility during a data center migration. But you need to partner with the right team.

Let’s get your data migration started with a free consultation.

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