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We Have Successfully Relocated Data Centers For Some Of The World's Leading Global Corporations

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BSC are data center relocation experts with an outstanding track record of handling complex physical, virtual and hybrid data center relocations and IT transformations. Nothing is left to chance as we anticipate and deal with any potential challenge before they even arise.

Since 2002, Basic Solutions’ highly-experienced team of project managers, technicians, IT server movers, packers, drivers and office staff has successfully relocated hundreds of data centers across North America and internationally with minimal downtime or lost revenue, quickly and efficiently getting our clients back up and running.

BSC has identified three key elements for a successful project:

  • A comprehensive and accurate inventory of all applications, servers, storage, and related assets
  • A thorough understanding of asset inter-dependencies
  • A perfect “runbook” — the minute-by-minute move-day plan for all activities

With technology now an integral part of our daily lives and our increasing reliance on data exposing businesses and their customers to security issues, Data Center relocation is no longer at all unusual. As organizations carefully plan how they will undertake to move their IT resources locally, nationally or even internationally, professional support is the key to achieving a successful relocation.

BSC Data Center Relocation Services’ proven multi-step process covers:

  • Detailed Site Visits and Surveys
  • Pre-Relocation Preparation
  • Planning and Project Management
  • Moving and Rigging Services
  • Packaging
  • Equipment Decommissioning
  • Equipment Purchasing and Sales
  • Disposal and Recycling of Base Materials
  • Asset Liquidation

No job is too big or complex for our expert team and professional resources. BSC‘s technical and logistical capabilities can relocate data centers and IT assets of any size and scale, from a single rack to a data center that has a footprint of thousands of racks and assets.

BSC has deep experience in relocations to and from co-location facilities, customer-owned sites, purpose-built data centers, data closets in offices and stand-alone equipment.

Whatever the project, we work hand-in-hand with the client’s IT team to successfully handle each key action on our professional relocation checklist:

Data Center Relocation Checklist

Features Benefits
Pre-Move Consulting We manage all aspects of the facility and IT infrastructure relocation, freeing up clients to concentrate on important business-related move elements and maintain corporate functions during the transition.
Defined Approach Advance planning is critical. Leveraging the BSC approach anticipates and then sidesteps many typical pitfalls, establishes contingency plans and avoids potential problems.
Defined Roles & Responsibilities We ensure all partner, vendor, subcontractor, and client personnel understand their relocation roles and responsibilities. This clear understanding of the part we each play minimizes any problems and delays.
Pre-move Assessment & Site Preparation BSC prepares your current facility and IT equipment for the data center move, including labeling and/or asset tagging of all equipment. Labeling includes device specifications, destination position, cabling requirements, and other device-specific requirements. Asset tagging covers barcoding or RFID asset tags associated with a CMDB database, ITAM toolset; and/or DCIM tools to manage the capacity planning and optimize the environment for its relocated state. This process allows us to verify proper re-assembly and cuts back the time to re-establish network devices.
Move Implementation Services Efficient management of de-install, check-out, load, transport, unload, check-in, re-install, and re-cabling (if required) shortens the actual network downtime, enabling your organization to effectively manage business operations during the project with the least possible downtime.
Re-Start of IT equipment We connect relocated IT equipment to power, network and SAN connections. Re-IP and reconfigure any devices that are changing status on the relocated network. Troubleshoot any devices not communicating properly with the relocated or new network.
Post-Move Consulting Project completion activities with punch list completion, documentation of all relocated elements, clean-up and client acceptance allows your business to quickly and efficiently shift your focus back to operations.

Our support goes further. We can expand Relocation projects to incorporate our managed and professional services from higher level system administration support, IT asset recovery and hardware reconfigurations and upgrades.

Ask for a free consultation about how we can help with your Data Center Relocation Project.

Looking To Migrate, Relocate or Consolidate Your Data Center?

Following the kick-off meeting, and well in advance of the project kickoff, Basic Solutions certified technicians will unobtrusively scout both sites. These visits will enable us to become familiar with all major and minor factors associated with the relocation, and allow us to identify any potential roadblocks that might impact the project.

The scope of these site visits can range from a basic preview of the areas involved in a focused review of infrastructure variables such as power, cooling, racking, cabling, etc.

Proper preparation is essential to the project’s successful completion. BSC will complete several site visits prior to the project start date in order to fully prep for the relocation. These visits will not disrupt business.

Visits will include the labeling of all hardware with pertinent information, including its designated location at the new site, the labeling of fiber and interface cables, power cables and all ancillary items, and the creation of duplicate labels.

These labels will be placed on the outside of the packaged hardware so that upon delivery each item can immediately be placed in the most optimal location for installation.

BSC will form a dedicated Relocation Team comprised of Basic Solutions logistics and technical professionals. This Relocation Team will meet regularly and will be familiar with all aspects of the project, acting as the Control Center that will ensure successful project completion.

On the day of the relocation, Basic Solutions certified technicians will arrive with all required tools and packaging materials. As the scheduled shutdowns start, we will begin packing and loading
hardware as it becomes accessible. This “non-batched’ approach of immediate packing upon shutdown significantly reduces the total project time and aids in ensuring an on-time completion.

As per the agreed upon SOW, hardware will be transported in batches or in a single shipment to the new site via climate controlled truck(s). BSC will bear all responsibility for—and promptly repair or replace—any item that may be damaged in transit.

At the new location, the second group of BSC certified technicians will assume the tasks of racking, cabling, and power-on health checks (as may have been specified in the contractual SOW).

As per the SOW, BSC may use its on-site spare hardware to resolve support issues that develop after power on. Upon successful completion of the relocation project, BSC will remove all packing materials, leaving the new site clean and fully operative.