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We Have Successfully Relocated Data Centers For Some Of The World's Leading Global Corporations

Since 2002, Basic Solutions has successfully relocated hundreds of data centers across North America and internationally. Through these many relocations, and data center consolidation projects BSC has discovered that there are three key elements to every successful relocation project:

  • An accurate inventory of all applications, servers, storage and other assets involved
  • A thorough understanding of asset inter-dependencies
  • A perfect “runbook” — the minute-by-minute move-day plan for all relocation activities

BSC Data Center Relocation Services employ a multi-step process that includes:

  • Planning and Project Management
  • Moving and Rigging Services
  • Packaging
  • Complete Site Decommissioning
  • Equipment Purchasing and Sales
  • Disposal and Recycling of Base Materials
  • Asset Liquidation
  • Site Restoration

BSC has the technical and logistical capabilities to relocate data centers and IT assets of all sizes, from a single rack relocation to a data center with a footprint of thousands of racks and assets. BSC has experience in relocations to and from co-location facilities, customer-owned sites, purpose-built data centers, data closets in offices, and stand-alone equipment.

Relocation Checklist

Features Benefits
Pre-Move Consulting BSC manages all aspects of the facility and IT infrastructure
relocation so clients can concentrate on business-related move elements and maintain corporate functions during the transition
Defined Relocation Approach By leveraging the BSC data center relocation approach, many typical pitfalls are anticipated, contingency plans are put in place, and possible problems are avoided
Defined Roles & Responsibilities All partner, vendor, subcontractor, and client personnel understand their roles and responsibilities related to the relocation; this clear understanding helps avoid problems and delays in the schedule
Pre-move Assessment & Site Preparation BSC prepares the current facility and IT equipment for the relocation, including labeling and/or asset tagging of all equipment. Labeling includes device specifications, relocation position, cabling requirements, and other device-specific requirements. Asset tagging refers to barcoding or RFID asset tags that will be associated to a CMDB database, ITAM toolset and/or DCIM tools to manage the capacity planning and optimize the environment for its relocated state. This process allows BSC to verify proper re-assembly and reduces the overall time to re-establish network devices
Move Implementation Services Efficient management of de-install, check-out, load, transport, unload, check-in, re-install, and re-cabling (if contracted to provide) shortens the actual network downtime and allows the business to effectively manage business operations during the relocation with the least amount of hours of downtime as possible
Re-Start of IT equipment Connect relocated IT equipment to power, network and SAN connections. Re-IP and reconfigure any devices that are changing status on the relocated network. Troubleshoot any devices that aren’t communicating properly with the relocated or new network.
Post-Move Consulting Project completion activities with punch list completion, documentation of all relocated elements, clean-up, and client acceptance allows the business to quickly and efficiently shift their focus back to operations

Relocation projects can be expanded to include any of BSC’s managed and professional services such as higher level system administration support, hardware reconfiguration’s and upgrades, and IT asset recovery.

To learn more about how we can help with your Data Center Relocation Project, schedule a free consultation.

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